tisdag 13 juli 2010


As a first post I will talk a little bit about a library that I came across a couple of months ago. XStream is a java library for doing object serialization/deserialization to and from XML. I have used and played with it for some weeks and i'm impressed of what this library is capable of performing. It has never fail to serialize any of the objects that I have given it and that includes many objects that doesn't implement the serializable interface form the core java API.

The library is maintained by Codehause and is an open source library and comes with a BSD licence. I like the fact that you are able to understand and edit the xml that XStream produces of your object. Another thing that I really like with the lib is that it is so easy to use, the only thing you have to do is create your XStream object and then call the method xstremObj.toXML(myObject) to get it as an XML String and to deserialize it you call xstreamObj.fromXML(xmlString), almost to easy.

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