måndag 12 juli 2010

New blogg

Hi and welcome to my blog where I aim to write articles about Java and especially about libraries and frameworks. I have set a goal that I will learn more about the great tools that are available to us programmers and especially for Java.


I have also started a site with my friends called www.libzter.com where I also will post information about the libraries that i will look at. My goal with Libzter is that it should be a great site where you easily can look up any type of programming library that you are interested in and get information and examples of how to use it.

Libzter comes in the form of a Wiki so if you are a programmer and have a favorite library or even have created and distributed you own library (open source or proprietary) then write about it on Libzter and post a link back to your own site hosting the lib.

Continues work
The libraries that I will mainly focus on at the moment are going to be libraries that are licensed as open source. I hope that you as well as I will find both this blog and Libzter useful in the learning process of new programming libraries.


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